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I coded a live wallpaper for Android. The wallpaper works fine, the only issue is that users complain sometimes because after install they cannot find the wallpaper icon in the application menu.

I found several solution to this issue. The most satisfactory seems to be this one.

The tutorial above suggest to create a main activity that triggers the wallpaper chooser. This solution is quite good. However, I would prefer to launch the preview of my own live wallpaper from my activtity, not the wallpaper chooser.

I found some suggestion in the comments of the page above and here.

but I didn't manage to make them work.

Any idea on how to do this? Thanks ;)

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OK, I found the solution here: Start a live wallpaper service from activity

This does what I wanted to do, but it works only for version above 4.1, so if anyone has additional solution that work for versions below 4.1, please let me know..

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There is none below Version 4.1, common practice is to tell the user he has to select your wallpaper with a Dialog or Toast, before the Wallpaper Chooser is started. –  Thrakbad Feb 24 '13 at 17:19
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