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The following code is in C++ and I am using OpenCV for my experiment. Suppose I am using kd-tree (FlannBasedMatcher) in the following way:

//these are inputs to the code snippet below. 
//They are filled with suitable values
Mat& queryDescriptors;
vector<Training> &trainCollection;
vector< vector<DMatch> >& matches;
int knn;

//setting flann parameters
const Ptr<flann::IndexParams>& indexParams=new flann::KDTreeIndexParams(4);
const Ptr<flann::SearchParams>& searchParams=new flann::SearchParams(64);
FlannBasedMatcher matcher(indexParams, searchParams);

for (int i = 0; i < trainCollection.size();i++){
    Training train = trainCollection.at(i);  
    Mat trainDescriptors(train.trainDescriptors);

//Now, we may do knnMatch (or anyother matching) 

In the above code it seems that training takes place (i.e. kd-tree is built) on calling the train() function. But here is the catch, if we look inside the train() function:

void FlannBasedMatcher::train()
    if( flannIndex.empty() || mergedDescriptors.size() < addedDescCount )
        mergedDescriptors.set( trainDescCollection );
        flannIndex = new flann::Index( mergedDescriptors.getDescriptors(), *indexParams );

Both of these operations (setting training descriptors and flann index, I have already done before calling train()). So when exactly is the kd-tree built?

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When the code calls FlannBasedMatcher::train(),the index of FlannBasedMatcher will be built by

flannIndex = new flann::Index( mergedDescriptors.getDescriptors(), *indexParams );

The code

if( flannIndex.empty() || mergedDescriptors.size() < addedDescCount )

is to check whether the index of FlannBasedMatcher has already been built before.If index has been built before,the train() function will skip the process of building index to save time.

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From the documentation, the training (i.e., in your cae builidng the kd-tree) is done every time before matching. The cv::DescriptorMatcherclass calls the training method automaticall when needed.

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Yup. Thats what the documentation says. But as I have mentioned in the question, the train function does not really do anything other than dumping training descriptors into the relevant data structure within the class. So I could not trace where the kd-tree is actually built. –  magarwal Mar 4 '13 at 12:54
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