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Here is my formula in the computer column specification in a table called Loan


The (1) should be replaced by loan_period from another table called item_details.

Is that possible and how would the formula look.

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You'll need to create a UDF for this -- what is the relationship between the two tables? – sgeddes Feb 24 '13 at 0:24
If you need this field to be calculated, I would create a db function and use a trigger to update the field when a new record is inserted or if need be, updated. MS SQL – Just Aguy Feb 24 '13 at 0:27
@sgeddes OK thanks for clearing that up – Dynamiite Feb 24 '13 at 1:41

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Computed columns only refer to columns in the same table, as far as I'm aware.

To do what you want here, you can either define a TRIGGER on both tables that will populate the data when either table is modified, or (easier) create a VIEW.

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You can create a computed column that uses a function that then refers to a another table.


create table t (
    a int primary key,
    b int

create function dbo.f(@a int)
returns int
    return (select b from t where a = @a);

create table t2 (
    c int primary key,
    d as dbo.f(c)

insert into t values (1, 2)
insert into t2 (c) values (1)

select * from t2

N.B. You should consider performance considerations when doing this, and ensure that at least you have the right indexes in place.

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