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I have a website created with PHP where I play mp4 files through a flash player or html5 player. Recently I see that my files are on other websites too and it cost me bandwidth.

I use httpd/apache on the remote host, where the mp4 files are stored. On the website, I use nginx.

I have some knowledge in PHP and MySQL but I don't know how to do this. How can I make them accessible only through my website?

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Example 1, block all hotlinking (when detectable)

location ~* (\.png)$ {
   valid_referers blocked;
   if ($invalid_referer) {
       return 405;

Example 2, redirect hotlinked files only for some sites

location ~* (\.mp4)$ {
   if ($http_referer ~ ^(| ) {
       # Redirect to a specific file
       #rewrite  ^/(.*)$ last; 

       # Redirect to a dynamic url where /hotlinked/ is some script that
       # displays some info about the hotlinked file.
       rewrite  ^/(.*)$$1/ last; 

Source : Redirect or block hotlinked files with nginx

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Just remember that http referers are TRIVIAL to forge, and not all browsers send them anyways. This will help, but it's not a magic bullet. On the other hand, this is an nginx solution, and OP said he's running Apache... –  Marc B Feb 24 '13 at 3:55
hello, thank you for answering. i use httpd on host where mp4 files are stored. also, if i block hotlinking, will that not block from website? website and mp4 files are not on same webhost. –  Ionel Mihai Feb 24 '13 at 11:28

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