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I have the following code.

$l = @("A", "B", "X", "Y")
echo "A,B,X`n1,2,3,4" > .\myFile # Create test file

$f = cat myFile | ConvertFrom-Csv | gm -MemberType NoteProperty | select Name
compare $l $f

$a = .... # convert $f to array
compare $l $a

How to convert the $f to array so it can be compared with an array? Bracing @(...) doesn't work.

I got the following result when compare $l and $f.

PS C:\Users\nick> compare $l $f

InputObject                                                 SideIndicator
-----------                                                 -------------
@{Name=A}                                                   =>
@{Name=B}                                                   =>
@{Name=X}                                                   =>
A                                                           <=
B                                                           <=
X                                                           <=
Y                                                           <=
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Replace select Name with % { $_.Name }.

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Another approach, if you are looking to get an array from a single property would be to use the "ExpandProperty" switch from Select like this:

$f = cat myFile | ConvertFrom-Csv | gm -MemberType NoteProperty | Select -ExpandProperty Name
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You can cast both objects to ArrayLists then compare them.

[System.Collections.ArrayList]$array1 = $l
[System.Collections.ArrayList]$array2 = $f
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I got the same result when comparing $array1 and $array2. –  dc7a9163d9 Feb 24 '13 at 11:10

Try this:

$a = New-Object System.Collections.ArrayList;
$f | % { $null = $a.Add($_.Name); }
compare $l $a;
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