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I'm a newbie with Coffeescript, and I want to pass a function as an argument to be used as a callback when an animation is complete. Right now, my "callback" is being run before my animation completes.

  closeItem: ($elem) ->
    @close($elem, @myCallback($elem))

  close: ($elem, callback) ->
    $elem.slideUp 300, (-> callback)
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Your problem is that you are calling your function when you call close. We are overloading terms here, but you seem like you want to "close" over the $elem variable to make this happen. Try this:

closeItem: ($elem) ->
    @close $elem, => @myCallback($elem)

close: ($elem, callback) ->
    $elem.slideUp 300, callback

Notice a few things:

We are using the fat arrow => in the call to @close. This creates a function with the context of the current object, so that it can call @callback and it then closes upon $elem so that it can be passed to @myCallback

Also, in the close function itself, you just pass the callback along to slideUp

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Awesome! Thanks for explaining why my previous setup was incorrect. – Jason Feb 24 '13 at 4:22

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