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I have run into this problem when I am using jquery.load on a div (whose height is 0px and overflow:hidden) to load in content to that div then do a quick jquery.css to change it's height to auto and then use the .height() function to get the value of it's auto height so when I animate it, I know what value to animate to. The problem is .height() is returning 0 as a value the first time I run the function, but the second time it returns the correct value. here is the code that I am working with.


function animateHeight()
    var temp = $('#info');
    var curHeight = temp.height();
    temp.css('height', 'auto');
    var autoHeight = temp.height();

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It has to do with the browser redraw mechanism, if you sent the height to auto and try to fetch the height, between those two the browser may not have redrawn the ui to recalculate the new height of the item. – Arun P Johny Feb 24 '13 at 6:02
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The DOM would not have had time to update itself by the time your animateHeight() is called; you could add this to your click handler:

$('#info').load('projects/adobe.html', function() { 
    setTimeout(animateHeight, 0); 

This gives the execution back to the browser to let the DOM update its dimensions before relying on it, especially when they're set to auto;.

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