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I want to print from my android application to the printer I registered with Google cloud print. But every time I tried printing the web page, I always got the document missing error. This is my code but I don't know which line is causing the error.

public void print() {
    Uri docUri = Uri.parse("http://myserver.com/view/myusername");
    String docMimeType = "text/html";
    String docTitle = "myTestPage";
    Intent printIntent = new Intent(myContext, PrintDialogActivity.class);
    printIntent.setDataAndType(docUri, docMimeType);
    printIntent.putExtra("title", docTitle);

So basically, http://myserver.com/demo/view/myusername is the web page I want to print and text/html is the mime type I provide. Can someone tells me which part of it that causes the error because I tried the URL from my laptop browser and the web page is loaded. Thank you very much. :D

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Well, I'm not sure what's wrong with my code, and I still haven't got the slightest idea what should the mime type be. So I came up with a solution:

  1. Generate the html file programatically
  2. Print it with "text/html" type

That should get it done. :)

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Did you ever get this working? –  Jerry Brady Nov 13 '13 at 21:33
Yes, I used this solution myself –  Hanny Udayana Nov 14 '13 at 7:04

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