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I was using ninject IoC in my application and in particular the following:


I would like to implement this using the Unity IoC but can someone tell me how I can make it the same and also what does it mean "InSingletonScope()" ? The following works but I am worried that it's not being done correctly because of the Singleton that maybe needs to be specified.

container.RegisterType<RepositoryFactories, RepositoryFactories>();
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Unity uses the concept of LifeTimeManager's.. it comes with what is essentially a Singleton LifeTimeManager called ContainerControlledLifetimeManager. You would use it as below:

container.RegisterType<RepositoryFactories>(new ContainerControlledLifetimeManager(), /* other params */);

I'm unsure if you are asking what a Singleton is or not in your question:

also what does it mean "InSingletonScope()" ?

In the context of an IoC container such as Ninject and Unity, a Singleton is an object that is the same each time you request it. In your example, every time you ask your container to resolve a RepositoryFactories object.. it will always be the same object; not a new instance.

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According to this you should use ContainerControlledLifetimeManager. Your registration will be:

container.RegisterType<RepositoryFactories>(new ContainerControlledLifetimeManager())
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