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I need to log TestResults in a text file using SoapUI scripting eg. Groovy script. It will be very helpful if it would be either TestSuite results or a TestCase results. Can anyone please give me script sample for that?


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Create a variable as below

def object1= context.expand( '${object1#Response#declare namespace ns2=\'http://namespace.suha.com\'; //ns2:namespaceResponse[1]/methodname[1]}' )

You can create a .txt file and write the variable into this file as below.

today = new Date()
sdf = new java.text.SimpleDateFormat("dd-MM-yyyy-hh-mm")
todayStr = sdf.format(today)
new File( "D:/" + todayStr + "report.txt" ).write(object1, "UTF-8" )
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Here is a forum post discussing how to do it easily. Shows how to log both the request and/or response. It worked first try for me, after I tried a lot of other scripts.


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It seems like you are missing the link to the forum post. –  bluefeet Jun 5 '13 at 13:57

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