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In my app I had form and visitors can select any city to go to another page related to selected value .

So I created my code , but the problem data not sent .

Data is city id , I tested it in tamper data and no data sent , how to fix that and send data in get method


public function events_by_city(){
   return CHtml::listData(Events::model()->findAll("start >=now()  and active=1"),'city','city0.ecity'); 

Controller :

//////// start upcoming related to city 
 public function actionUpcomingcity(){
       $courses=Courses::model()->findAll(" course_id in (select course_id from ict_events where start >=now() and city=$city and active=1 ) ",array('distinct'=>true,

    $this->pageTitle=" Events";

     echo " No number   ";

View :



  $model= new Events;
  echo  chtml::activeDropDownList($model,'city',$model->events_by_city(),array('prompt'=>'استعراض الأحداث التدريبية ',"submit"=>array("site/upcomingcity",'city'=>$model->city))); 
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I guess "submit"=>array("site/upcomingcity",'city'=>$model->city) is not correct. Try



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