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I have implemented the translatable extension. I use a Category (tree extension ) entity and a CategoryTranslation entity as shown in the documentation. All my titles in the Category entity are in French. I would like to translate my website in english so I add translations in locale 'en', for example, like this :

$cat = $em->getRepository('MyBundle:Category')->findOneByTitle('Nourriture');
$cat->addTranslation(new CategoryTranslation('en', 'title', 'Food'));

But when I check the mywebsite.com/en, I find the Nourriture title and not the translation in english instead, while my default locale in config.yml is 'fr'.

And when I check mywebsite.com/fr, there was no translation of my title which appears as blank. So I did the same thing that above but with 'fr' and 'Nourriture' as a translation for the 'fr' locale.

Then I recheck the mywebsite.com/fr and it works great I have my Nourriture title.

But it still not working for the en locale, I can't get the english translation. All happens as if the titles in my Category entity where in english, so it does not have to look for the 'en' translations.

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if you use stof bundle then the default locale is configured like that:

# app/config/config.yml
default_locale: en_US

Otherwise you can set it directly in the listener Also you could read documentation carefully

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