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I have written an application for Android, which starts & stops a modified GPLv2-licensed tool via shell command.

It works as a closed-source GUI and I will bundle it with the GPLv2-licensed part into an android-apk.

As mentioned, I have modified the GPLv2-software (trimmed it from unneeded stuff and extended it a bit). I will call the (modified) GPLv2-software via command line to not harm the GPL-license (calling via shell is not like linking).

It will look like following:

[closed-source GUI] -> shell-command (start/stop) -> [modified GPLv2-tool]

All parts are at the end published in one .apk-file.

My question now is:

  1. how do I have to provide the modified source of the GPL-tool?

    • just on request (e.g. "email me")?
    • also bundled into the APK-file (would be the simplest)?
    • publish it on the web (where?!)?
  2. what do I have to write in the "credits" of my software?

    • Thanks to .. ?
    • Have a look at #1 to get the source?

I will respect the license agreements but GPL is a new area for me, so I could need some help.


Maybe also someone has a final answer on: Can I also call the GPLed tool via Java-JNI? But I think that will harm the GPL.

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Yes it's similar, but the main topic here should not be "is it ok?" but more "how to match the license" :) –  Martin L. Feb 24 '13 at 12:09

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RMS I remember has called such shell based invocation a "boundary case". Think like you want. We cannot accept responsibility for you.

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As far as I understood the GPL:

  • it is ok to bundle a GPL covered work with some other work without the need to apply GPL to the other product.
  • you have make the source code of you modified GPL covered tool available to under the very same licence.

The FAQ provides an example with an "installer" and it looks quite similar to what you want to achieve.

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Thank you. the installer-part is really quite simlar. I remember I found a large page about this in combination with the Android-apk/dex..stuff. If that's there also not legal, then one could put the compiled GPL-tool on a server and download it later from within the application, e.g. on first start?! –  Martin L. Feb 24 '13 at 12:19

I don't really about the GPL-validity of your use case, but as far a source-code distribution is concerned, you should be fine by simply linking to a place where source can be downloaded ( a github page, you own server, etc...), for example from your AppStore / PlayStore page.


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Thank you for the tip with the PlayStore-page. Until now I just thinked of a "credits"-part in the payed app. But on the other side would then no one see that page without purchasing - that's not how it should be :) –  Martin L. Feb 24 '13 at 12:07

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