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I am using slim for templating and ruby on rails(just started using them). The only problem I am facing is: there is no formatting for the html rendered. i.e no line breaks, no indentation. I can understand it can be a little tricky for slim to render formatting intrinsically.

Is there anyway to render properly formatted html?

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slim compressing html is actually a feature. as @Deefour suggested, you can tell slim to pretty print html, but you should really use your developer tools to inspect html and only serve compressed files to your users. – rubiii Feb 24 '13 at 13:21
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From the docs:

Slim::Engine.set_default_options pretty: true

or directly

Slim::Engine.default_options[:pretty] = true

To expand a bit, as @rubiii mentioned in the comments this is a feature of Slim. For the same reasons it's good practice to minify and compress Javascript and CSS in production Slim strips unecessary whitespace from the HTML it produces without this :pretty option set to true.

If you have some config/initializers/slim.rb file you can configure the :pretty option dynamically by checking the environment.

Slim::Engine.set_default_options pretty: Rails.env.development?

Otherwise you should set this option to true only in config/environments/development.rb, leaving it false in production.

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The :pretty option is super slow! So be sure to only enable in development, like @Deefour says. – xentek Jul 24 '13 at 21:59

Just add data-force-encoding="✓" attribute to the body tag. That will make Rails to send email as quoted printable (trick is to use UTF8 char in fact). See:

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