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I am trying to redirect the user to my log in page as soon as the registration is done, using either JSP or JavaScript.

I should mention that the registration form is calling the same page and when I say window.location, glassfish throws error as resource not found.

        String uname=request.getParameter("txtusername");
        String password=request.getParameter("txtpassword");
        String mail=request.getParameter("txtemail");
        String dob=request.getParameter("dob");
        String city=request.getParameter("txtcity");
        String state=request.getParameter("txtstate");
        String country=request.getParameter("txtcountry");
        String address=request.getParameter("txtstreetaddress");
        String scity=request.getParameter("txtscity");
        String sstate=request.getParameter("txtsstate");
        String scountry=request.getParameter("txtscountry");
        String saddress=request.getParameter("txtsaddress");
        String mobile=request.getParameter("txtno");
        String gender=request.getParameter("rdbgender");
             adminClasses.user u= new adminClasses.user(0, uname, password, mail, dob, city, state, country, address, scity, sstate, scountry, saddress, mobile, gender);
              int result=adminClasses.userfunctions.addNewUser(u);
                        var res=<%=result%>;
                               window.alert("Registration Unsuccessful");
                                    window.alert("Resgistration Successful!Click Ok to Sign in");
       catch (Exception e)
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is it possible that "signin.jsp" isn't enough information to resolve the path to the sign in page? Try the code will the full path to the page. –  deau Feb 24 '13 at 13:14

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I think you could do it this way:

int result = adminClasses.userfunctions.addNewUser(u);

if (result == 0) {
    request.getRequestDispatcher("signupSuccess.jsp").forward(request, response);

It will evaluate the result on the server side and then, depending on the result, will forward to a signupSuccess.jsp page – i.e. the URL will stay the same, but the response will include success page's evaluated content.

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can you tell me how to write the above code in a servelet instead of writing it in scriptlet ? –  Faisal Malikyar Feb 27 '13 at 9:15
Do you already have a servlet? Can you provide more sources and application config? –  Tomas R Feb 28 '13 at 13:45
thank you for replying tomas but i solved that problem.. –  Faisal Malikyar Mar 3 '13 at 10:14

You can try this

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There is no such method, only sendRedirect. –  Tomas R Feb 25 '13 at 9:27

check your path for current page like code below ; because i think you may be writing the path wrong in


//    Example

//    Return the entire URL (of the current page):



//    The output of the code above is:

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