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I am building an Android application using Phonegap and I found this plugin which I decided to use for my datepicker fields. I follow the instructions, but I have trouble running that.

Here is my code:


<label for="schedule_start">Start date</label>
<input type="text" class="nativedatepicker" id="schedule_start" name="schedule[start_date]" value="{{start_date}}" required />

JS (I'm using Backbone.js)

FormView.prototype.defaultEvents = {
'focus .nativedatepicker': 'focusDatepicker'

// call when input focused

FormView.prototype.focusDatepicker = function(e) {
var currentField = $(this);
var myNewDate = Date.parse(currentField.val()) || new Date();

if(typeof myNewDate === "number"){ myNewDate = new Date (myNewDate); }

// Same handling for iPhone and Android
  date : myNewDate,
    mode : 'date', // date or time or blank for both
    allowOldDates : true
  }, function(returnDate) {
    var newDate = new Date(returnDate);

    // This fixes the problem you mention at the bottom of this script with it not working a second/third time around, because it is in focus.

I've added the datePickerPlugin.js to /assets/www/js/ and the DatePickerPlugin.java to /src/com/phonegap/plugin/ after creating the com.phonegap.plugin package.

I think I might have some problem invoking the datePickerPlugin.js, since I don't get the alert I put in the file, but I'm not sure how to resolve that.

Thanks in advance.

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Have you included the datepickerplugin.js file in your index.html file with correct path? –  GenieWanted Mar 22 '13 at 15:53

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I had a similar problem. I resolved it by including the datePickerPlugin.js file after cordova.js.

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Thank you both for the hint to look at my paths. It appears I haven't included my Cordova library file properly. After I did, it all worked like charm.

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