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I wanted help in a edit row of html table functionality with some special conditions.

1.I have a table with and say Edit button or link for one row then if someone clicks it the row can be edited and saved.

  1. I have some special conditions that are also required which makes it tricky.

A. There is a drop-down on the page. When we click edit the Column1 will be editable into a drop-down and will get populated with the same values as selectionField so for Column1 only those values can be chosen. And first option that is --SELECT-- should not appear in the Column1 edit drop-down list.

B. In the Column 3 there are list with ul li elements. When we click edit the entire cell should not be edit table since then for


the ul li inner html will be editable instead only the inner values should be editable like Coffee, Tea, Milk.

  1. The code can be in javascript or jquery but javascript is prefered and the code shouldnt be column specific since if there is a new column added then it should be easily changeable.

    <select id="selectionField"> 
    <table id="exampleTable">
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You mean inline editing? –  Deadlock Feb 24 '13 at 14:03
yes inline editing. –  Prog Feb 24 '13 at 15:01

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There is great plugin in JQuery which suits your needs and you can try it here


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