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between you joined the new. How do I add a mouseover stop with mouseover start feature? I did a few experiments, but did not succeed.

//Main Slider var Slider = 0; $.Slider = function(toplam){ $(".ana_manset_list_button li").removeClass("aktif"); $(".ana_manset_list_image li").hide(); $(".ana_manset_list_title li").hide();

if (Slider < toplam-1){
$(".ana_manset_list_button li:eq("+Slider+")").addClass("aktif");
$(".ana_manset_list_image li:eq("+Slider+")").show();
$(".ana_manset_list_title li:eq("+Slider+")").show();

}else {
$(".ana_manset_list_button li:first").addClass("aktif");
$(".ana_manset_list_image li:first").show();
$(".ana_manset_list_title li:first").show();
Slider = 0;

var toplamLi = $(".ana_manset_list_image li").length;
var interval = setInterval('$.Slider('+toplamLi+')', 5000);
}, function(){
interval = setInterval('$.Slider('+toplamLi+')', 5000);

$(".ana_main_list li:last").css("background","none"); 

$(".ana_manset_list_image li").hide();
$(".ana_manset_list_image li:first").show();

$(".ana_manset_list_title li").hide();
$(".ana_manset_list_title li:first").show();

$(".ana_manset_list_button li:first").addClass("aktif");

$(".ana_manset_list_button li").hover(function(){

var indis = $(this).index();

$(".ana_manset_list_image li").hide();
$(".ana_manset_list_title li").hide();

$(".ana_manset_list_button li").removeClass("aktif");


$(".ana_manset_list_title li:eq("+indis+")").show();
$(".ana_manset_list_image li:eq("+indis+")").show();
$(".ana_manset_list_button li:eq("+indis+")").addClass("aktif");

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Please, format your code – kirugan Feb 24 '13 at 14:07
Do you want all the code? – Storcom Feb 24 '13 at 14:14
I mean your current code, and btw this code dont use any mouseover binding - so, it will be helpful to see all code that relative to your problem – kirugan Feb 24 '13 at 14:19
Hello kirugan I updated the above code. – Storcom Feb 24 '13 at 14:27

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