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I want to insert a specific image that will override and parent width it's contained in and stretch to the width of the browser. The image should be responsive as well. I can't figure out how to do this. Is this even possible? Thank you in advance for your help!

html code:

<div id="wrapper"> <img id="pic" src="" /> <p>This is a test</p> </div>

css code:

#wrapper { width: 300px; margin: 0 auto; } #pic { width: 100%; }

Jsfiddle link here:

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You can't reliably achieve what you want without removing the img from the contained parent.

Your HTML would look like this:

<img id="pic" src="" />
<div id="wrapper">
   <p>This is a test</p>

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You can do it setting: min-width: 100% to the image, I hope I get You right. jsFiddle:

#wrapper {
    width: 300px;
    margin: 0 auto;
img {
    min-width: 100%;

If You put min-width You force element to get at least provided size, and if You put 100% it has to take 100% of parent width.

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This doesnt really override the width of the parent div to fit the browser window because odds are your image isn't the width of the browser. – agconti Nov 6 '13 at 16:26

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