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I'm trying to add a null character to a string but I cannot find the right syntax for it.

I've tried:

s += "\0"


s += "\x00"

but both of these give me an error. In general, how to add a character, by character code, to a string?

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I get no error with your second example: – the system Feb 24 '13 at 15:08

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s += "\000" adds the null character. Go is a pretty strict in what it allows for escapes in a string. \0 means you are starting an octal character code and go expects exactly 3 octal digits after the slash. You need three 0's for the null character. \x means you are starting a hex character code and again you need exactly two hex digits afterwards. \u or \U require exactly 4 and 8 hexadecimal digits after it. See: For the full details from the spec.

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