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$services['facebook']['regexp'] = array('/^https?:\/\/(www\.)?facebook\.com\/video\/embed?video_id=([0-9]*)/', 2);
$services['facebook']['img'] = "https://graph.facebook.com/%s/picture";

    foreach($services as $service => $s) {
        if(preg_match($s['regexp'][0], $uri, $matches, PREG_OFFSET_CAPTURE) > 0) {
            $support = $i;
        echo "This website doesn't support now!";

This is my code but when i match it with https://www.facebook.com/video/embed?video_id=533502940004820 it is not working

Can anyone tell me what is wrong here?

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embed?video stands for "one or zero 'd'". You have to escape it.

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