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I'm trying to make a domain wildcard routing for Rails based on this railscast. But I'd like to make as nice as "scope" function in native routing, e.g.

  domain ':city_id.mysite.com' do
    root :to => "cities#test"

IMHO it looks like more prettier than regexps, but I'm too lazy to write the parser for the path like ":city_id.mysite.com" by my own. I belive somewhere inside rails it already exists, but I can't find it in source code. Also would be great to use :constraints, :as, :scope and other configs for this route, but htis is optionally.

For now my code looks like:

module Domain
  class Match
    def initialize(wildcard, *options)
      @wildcard = wildcard

    def matches?(request)
      request.path_parameters[:city_id] = request.subdomain #to replace this with setting parameters from wildcard, :default and so on
      request.subdomain.present? #to replace this string with wildcard-match condition

  module Mapper
    def domain(wildcard='')
      constraints(Domain::Match.new wildcard) { yield }

ActionDispatch::Routing::Mapper.send(:include, Domain::Mapper)

So, I'm able to create routes only for the subdomains

  domain 'subdomain' do
    root :to => "cities#test"

And I can get only hardcoded parameter 'city_id' in controller

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Ok, maybe will be usefull for someone. I've found, that Journey::Path::Pattern can be used for this. Adding to intializer:

  @pattern = Journey::Path::Pattern.new(
      Journey::Router::Strexp.compile(path, constraints, ['.'])

And when checking -

  match_data  = @pattern.match(request.host)
  return false if match_data.nil?
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