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I am getting a 404 for updating or installing Nuget packages from this url

This is fairly recent. It first happened right I installed the latest 2012.2 update. I uninstalled it. but still having the same issues. These other questions on here get the same error but they all involve a custom hosted server not

NuGet - Installing Individual Packages reporting "The remote server returned an error: (404) Not Found." and NuGet 2.2.3 extention problems. Cannot connect to server? on a different machine vista with vs2010 this is the error i get Successfully installed 'jQuery 1.9.1'. Executing script file 'C:\Development\XXXXMVC2\packages\jQuery.1.8.3\Tools\uninstall.ps1'. Install failed. Rolling back... Access to the path 'C:\Development\XXXXMVC2\packages.config' is denied.

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Ok the issue is the TFS server is down. I know this because when I work with in another directory out side the workspace it is fine. uggh. now then how do you work with TFS in your local workspace when it is down

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