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I have this problem to solve in Oracle:

The trigger should be fired before data is inserted, updated, or deleted in a row in the ITEM table. When a row is changed in the ITEM table, check to see if that row exists in the ORD table. If the SHIPDATE column has a value in the ORD table, fail the trigger.

What does "fail the trigger" mean? I am really confused.

I do not know whether it means that I would not update the table anymore, or I would just raise an error message.

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Please don't delete & repost your questions. If you do that too often you're going to get yourself automatically banned from asking further questions. –  Mat Feb 24 '13 at 15:56
Almost certainly, Justin Cave is correct. It sounds like you're being asked to raise an exception. Incidentally, if you do raise an exception before an update, then this will cause the table not to be updated. –  Ben Feb 24 '13 at 18:21

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It sounds like this is a homework problem. If so, you would really want to ask your professor to clarify the assignment. We can guess but our guess may not match what the professor wants.

I would guess that the professor is asking you to raise an exception in the trigger.

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