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I´m trying to configure the fixtures and phpunit system is returned the next message '.E', but I don´t know how interpret it:

C:\kyopol\Apache 2.22.22\htdocs\demo\protected\tests>phpunit unit/EntityTest.php

PHPUnit 3.7.14 by Sebastian Bergmann.

Configuration read from C:\kyopol\Apache 2.22.22\htdocs\demo\protected\tests\phpunit.xml


Time: 2 seconds, Memory: 6.50Mb

There was 1 error:

1) EntityTest::testRead Undefined variable: newEntity

C:\kyopol\Apache 2.22.22\htdocs\demo\protected\tests\unit\EntityTest.php:37

FAILURES! Tests: 2, Assertions: 3, Errors: 1.

Next, class test EntityTest.php data code:

class EntityTest extends CDbTestCase
public function testCreate()
    //CREATE a new Entity
    $newEntity=new Entity;
                'name' => 'Test Entity 1',
                'description' => 'Test entity number one',
                'type_id' => 1,
                'location_lat' => 77,
                'location_lon' => 77,
                'create_time' => '2013-02-16 20:36:00',
                'create_user_id' => 1,
                'update_time' => '0000-00-00 00:00:00',
                'update_user_id' => 0,

    //READ a Entity
    $this->assertTrue($retrievedEntity instanceof Entity);
    $this->assertEquals('Test Entity 1',$retrievedEntity->name);

public function testRead()
        //READ a Entity
        $this->assertTrue($retrievedEntity instanceof Entity);
        $this->assertEquals('Test Entity 1',$retrievedEntity->name);

What is it meaning the capital letter 'E' and the previous point '.' ?

In general: Could nobody said me how knows to interpret output messages in phpunit?


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One of your tests is failing so that's why you see the E. The other one is passing, indicated by a .. If there are any error messages in the tests they will be summarized at the end.

The error message of your failing test is "Undefined variable: newEntity".

Your first line in testRead() is:


But you have never setup $newEntity in that test.

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Perfect. We have that: E: method´s error and .: method´s passed. But, would you know tell me what is 'F' capital letter. Zanks Bram. – Salvatore Roncone Feb 24 '13 at 18:39
F is failed. You don't have a php error or exception than, but your assertions are failing. – Bram Gerritsen Feb 24 '13 at 18:46
Great! Do you know something kinds of error messages more? – Salvatore Roncone Feb 24 '13 at 18:55
I know I for incomplete tests (you make a test incomplete by $this->markTestIncomplete()) and S for skipped tests ($this->markTestSkipped()). Maybe there are more, search the manual for it. – Bram Gerritsen Feb 24 '13 at 18:59
Only I found it this link, where is explained "For each test cases when you run them ,phpunit command line print characters to display status the status." prowareness.com/blog/unit-testing-using-phpunit-part-1 – Salvatore Roncone Feb 24 '13 at 21:42

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