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I have a satellite image in the BSQ format. I initially processed it using ENVI. Now, I am trying to read the image using Matlab's multibandread function.

This is the data pertaining to the image I am trying to load

samples = 911

lines   = 3191

bands   = 196

header offset = 0

data type = 2

interleave = bsq

byte order = 0

This is the code I've written to load the image.

I = multibandread('QUAC.bsq',[3191,911,196], ...

I am getting the following errors:

Error using multibandread>parseInputs (line 311)
Unable to open QUAC.bsq for reading.

Error in multibandread (line 112)
info = parseInputs(filename, dims,...

I looked up the format for the multibandread function on this website http://www.ehu.es/ccwintco/uploads/d/dc/LoadHypercubesMatlab.pdf

I checked the code for parseInputs on MATLAB, but I was unable to make any difference.

What mistake am I committing while trying to load the image?

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Have you managed to solve the problem? – Masi Mar 25 at 10:31
@Masi I did solve the problem, I think. Given that it is well over three years now, I will have to look into what I did to solve it. I will post a solution in a few days. – Raghuram Mar 27 at 5:15

Get rid of the .bsq in the file's name

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