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I wrote my first scriptaculous script to create a slideshow between some div element :

    var SlideShow = Class.create({
    initialize:function(element, delayStart){
        this.element = element;
        this.delayStart = delayStart;

        this.slides = this.element.childElements();

        this.numberOfSlides = this.slides.size();

        this.numberActiveSlide = 1;


    start_slideshow: function() 

    switch_slides: function() 

        if (this.numberActiveSlide == this.numberOfSlides) { this.numberActiveSlide = 1; } else { this.numberActiveSlide = this.numberActiveSlide + 1; }

        Effect.Appear.delay(this.slides[this.numberActiveSlide], 850);

        this.switch_slides.delay(this.delay + 850);


document.observe("dom:loaded", function(){
var slideshows = $$('div.slideshow');
    function(slideshow) {
        s = new SlideShow(slideshow, 2);

But I always get this error and It's been hours I can't figure it out where my problem is!

Undefined is not an object (evaluating this.slides[this.numberActiveSlide]);

Thanks you !


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That error refers to the Object Instance and the slides property of that object. The slides property is looking for all the child elements and there might not be any - can you edit your question and post your HTML as well? –  Geek Num 88 Feb 26 '13 at 17:47

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99% sure it's a context issue. Make sure you bind your function calls so that this is retained throughout your code.

Debug what this is in switch_slides: it should be the same thing as this in start_slideshow. If it's not, bind your call to switch_slides to your instance:

start_slideshow: function() 

You'll probably have to do the same in switch_slides where it calls itself.

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