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I have a question about MSP430 launchpad of TI (1.5 with MSP430g2553).

If I prog the mcu with the following hello work code, I have some issues to read the fine values with gdb in debugg mode.

#include <msp430g2553.h>
**const int titi = 3;//Global variable**

int main(){
    WDTCTL = WDTPW + WDTHOLD;                

    P1DIR = 0x41;
    **int tata = 0x1;//first local variable**

        P1OUT = 0x41;
        **int toto = 10;//Second local variable**
        int tyty = 20;
    return 0;
  1. gcc is using to download the code througth the mcu : $ make prog v=main.c
  2. $ mspdebug rf2500 gdb and msp430-gdb main.elf
  3. target remote localhost:2000

led are blinking. after a few tiem I stop the execution and I ask the local variables : (gdb) info locals toto = 1 tyty = 10 tata = -577

No issue with information about global variable titi. toto and tyty are the values which appear in my code, but that is a different value for tata. Why ?

don't think that is a bug of gdb....

Best regards,


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Probably because it was never used. Do something with it, or compile without optimizations. – leppie Feb 24 '13 at 17:29

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