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I want to create a new page like you would see in the admin layout editor. I can create a new page from there but its url is always . If i go into engine4_core_pages i can add a page that references my controller and the action i want. So lets say

mymodule_index_mynewpage Somepage

It will display in the LayoutEditor under Editing dropdown as 'Somepage'. When i select that page to either add widgets to it or change the columns all i get in the middle content area is a top Global Header and Global Footer option to hide or show. There is no open area in the middle when i can place widgets. Screen cap of what im talking about

How can i give the page the ability to change layout and add widgets to it? I cant seem to find it.

Edit: adding to answer below After following the below directions the ability to change the layout is limited. To be able to use all of the "column layouts" you must also place into engine4_core_content.

(auto number), yourpage_id, type=container, name=middle, (parent containers incremented id), order(6 i guess), ["[]"]=params, null=attribs

1234 50 container middle 1000 6 ["[]"] null
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At first, you have to create new row in engine4_core_content with type 'container' and name 'main' (of course page_id there is your page_id). Main container contains 'left', 'right' and 'middle' containers.

Then, in the end of action that refers to your page (mymodule_index_mynewpage), you can use something like this to display content which configured using layout editor for your specific action:

        ->setContentName(48) // page_id
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Awesome that worked great! Thank you – tiggles Feb 25 '13 at 20:00

There are two tables in socialengine which store information about pages and widgets that are used by layout editor:

  • engine4_core_pages
  • engine4_core_content

Both are related by the field "page_id".

You have to take in mind this structure:

page (defined in engine4_core_pages)
    ----- container (defined in engine4_core_content, field: type)
                 ----- widgets (defined in engine4_core_content, field: type)

Check info in both tables and in your project check the file install.php (inside of //settings

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