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I am new to Heroku as well as Ruby and just created a new Facebook application using Heroku.

I created a clone of the git code in my local branch using Git Bash. After that, I made some changes in the index.rb file: I changed the background color of the app and deployed the updated code to git and the changes were reflected in the application.

I created a simple HTML file in the same folder as that of the index.rb file. Now I added a link to this HTML file, setting the href="/samplehtmlPage.html" in the index.rb file. I was able to successfully deploy the code and the link was reflected in my application, but when I clicked on it got a 'Not Found' error.

//inserted the below link after the body tag in the index.rb file
<a href="/samplehtmlPage.html">click here</a>

Could someone please help me understand how to add an HTML file to git, add a link in the index.rb and redirect to the new HTML file?

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Don't attempt to describe everything. Instead, insert code snippets showing the changes. – the Tin Man Feb 24 '13 at 17:33

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Did you use something like:

git add samplehtmlPage.html

prior to your git commit and git push?

Without that, samplehtmlPage.html won't be part of the repo, nor will it get pushed.

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I did it this time, but still I am not getting redirected to this page. The href that I have added "/sampleHTMLPage.html", is this the right way to call the page? – Mugambo Feb 24 '13 at 18:19

If you use Ruby on Rails you can use redirect_to method and replace your code (or modify your controller) with the following:

<%= redirect_to "/samplehtmlPage.html" %>
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