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Working on a grad student project for an iOS Development course I am taking. My topic involves comparing and contrasting both iOS 6.x MapKit and Google Maps SDK for iOS. I was thinking about having the root scene showing a map using MapKit, and then the next scene showing the same location using Google Maps SDK, using a shared model between the two maps. If I go to Google Maps/Google Earth APIs Terms of Service , Section 10.1.g states the following:

(g) No Use of Content without a Google Map. You must not use or display the Content without a corresponding Google map, unless you are explicitly permitted to do so in the Maps APIs Documentation, or through written permission from Google. In any event, you must not use or display the Content on or in conjunction with a non-Google map. For example, you must not use geocodes obtained through the Service in conjunction with a non-Google map. As another example, you must not display Street View imagery alongside a non-Google map, but you may display Street View imagery without a corresponding Google map because the Maps APIs Documentation explicitly permits you to do so.

I am not 100% clear whether or not this clause prohibits the ability to compare and contrast navigation and other scenarios between a MapKit map and a Google Map using a shared model in the same app. Any lawyers out there?

Ideally I would be able to use both in the same app for this demonstration, but for now I'll just use two separate apps (clunky, but better than nothing).

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It seems pretty clear to me. If you get routes from Google, you're not allowed to show them on a non-Google map. It doesn't say you can't show a Google map next to a non-Google map, or that you can't show Apple's routes over a Google map. Same goes for POIs and other data.

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Makes sense to me. Thanks. –  MowserX Feb 24 '13 at 22:29

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