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I use typeface.js for the few lines of text that is on my website, since I had some issues getting the wanted font to work in all browsers. Using this the regular a:hover or similar CSS is non-effective, but I have managed to remove the underlines.

I am looking for a way to do this in js, and have tried out the ways that this forum have offered, especially this one.

I am fairly new to js, but try my best. Any help is appreciated, and if you have other suggestions i am open to them!

The accordion menu's HTML

<div class="mH"
<div id="menu1" class="mL">
<a class="mO" href="pages/portraits.html">portraits</a>
<a class="mO" href="pages/thezoo.html">the zoo</a>

<div class="mH"
<div id="menu2" class="mL">
<a class="mO" href="pages/video.html">video</a>
<a class="mO" href="pages/photography.html">photography</a>
<a class="mO" href="pages/designillustration.html">design & illustration</a>

<div class="mH"
<div id="menu3" class="mL">
<a class="mO" href="pages/tanzania.html">tanzania</a>


The accordion menu's JS
function toggleMenu(objID) { if (!document.getElementById) return; var ob = document.getElementById(objID).style; ob.display = (ob.display == 'block')?'none': 'block'; }

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Why do you want to use JS as opposed to CSS to change on hover? – Explosion Pills Feb 24 '13 at 17:39
Because the typeface.js does not support hover in CSS. I use the typeface.js (for rendering text, check it out: With the typeface.js my font is compatible and looks the same in all browsers - which was not the case just "linking" to it on googlefonts, the font then changed with different browsers. – Fred B. Feb 24 '13 at 18:34
Check out this link:… to see hot to properly add fonts to webpage. You should also Google for font-faceto check how it should be done. – bumerang Feb 24 '13 at 18:47
@bumerang - This would require the user to "download" the font from my website wouldn't it? The typeface.js works as if the user already has the font installed. But hot tip, I'll check it out for sure! – Fred B. Feb 24 '13 at 21:58
You are right about downloading fonts, but it's transparently as downloading CSS files, so user don't know about it. But when You use JavaScript font it have to: 1. Download JavaScript main file, and font file (which can be bigger than normal font file) 2. Check content for places to change; 3. replace the selected content – bumerang Feb 25 '13 at 7:43

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This question has gone unanswered as the question itself, but there are other solutions that work better. I just didn't know them.

Ended up using font-face, as @boomerang has commented above.

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