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I'm new to programming in Windows Phone 8. I am studying "The Binding". I try to bind the property "Value" of a Slider, but when running the application I do not see any change.

The XAML code is this:

<Grid x:Name="ContentPanel" Grid.Row="1" Margin="12,0,12,0">
        <Slider Minimum="1" Maximum="100" Value="{Binding Valor}" />

The ViewModelBase class is this:

public class VMBase : INotifyPropertyChanged {
    public event PropertyChangedEventHandler PropertyChanged;

    public VMBase() {}

    public void RaisePropertyChanged(string PropertyName) {
        if (PropertyChanged != null) PropertyChanged(this, new PropertyChangedEventArgs(PropertyName));

The ViewModel class is this:

public class VMSlider : VMBase {
    private int _valor;

    public VMSlider() {
        _valor = 43;

    public int Valor {
        get { return _valor; }
        set { 
            _valor = value;

In the code-behind class of my XAML y write this:

this.DataContext = new ViewModel.VMSlider();

I need to say why.

Thank you.

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Do you get binding errors in the 'Output' window of Visual Studio when running with the debugger attached? –  Olivier Payen Feb 24 '13 at 20:35
When you say "you don't see any change", what are you inspecting that doesn't change? Are you setting Valor from the code and expecting the slider to change, or vice-versa? –  Gary Johnson Feb 24 '13 at 21:39
Also, depending on when you're newing up VMSlider, you may want to set _valor using the public setter in the constructor for VMSlider, that way the property change notification fires (in case the binding is already set up at that point). –  Gary Johnson Feb 24 '13 at 21:40
It is a rare case. When I remove the property [Minimun = "1"] and run the application, the slider appears with the value 43, otherwise not. Also, if I add the property [Mode = TwoWay] (with Minimun) works. Why does this happen? –  Ba3 Feb 24 '13 at 21:56

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The Value property on the Slider control is of type Double. Your Binding doesn't work because Valor is a value of the wrong type.

You must either implement a Value Converter or change Valor to a Double.

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Thank you very much :D –  Ba3 Mar 9 '13 at 3:03

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