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What object type is intended for storing an amount of money? I have a UITextField where the user can enter an amount of money in dollars, which I will convert to another currency, and I am wondering in which type to store the amount (float/double is not good for money), and what to select for the keyboard for that field?

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I would suggest using NSDecimalNumber. Additionally, you will want to use methods like:

- (NSDecimalNumber *)decimalNumberByAdding:(NSDecimalNumber *)decimalNumber withBehavior:(id < NSDecimalNumberBehaviors >)behavior

over the more basic

- (NSDecimalNumber *)decimalNumberByAdding:(NSDecimalNumber *)decimalNumber

Because one of the behaviors you can provide is:


Round to the closest possible return value; when halfway between two possibilities, return the possibility whose last digit is even. In practice, this means that, over the long run, numbers will be rounded up as often as they are rounded down; there will be no systematic bias.

Of course using NSDecimal can be used as well, but I prefer the OO API of NSDecimalNumber over the C based API of NSDecimal.

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You can use NSDecimal or NSDecimalNumber they are precise, stored as base 10 numbers unlike float or double.

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you should do the following things

  1. Set keyboard type decimal
  2. Set the textfield in the keyboard accessory view (not compulsory )
  3. Apply a regular expression that once the user have used the floating point (.) he will not be allowed to re-enter it.
  4. On textfield done editing you may save it as NSDecimal
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I would use NSDecimalNumber or NSDecimal, as they store in base10.

For the Keyboard, there is the Decimal pad .

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