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I'm an angular js newbie, so this might sound trivial. I'm trying to insert html form templates via a angularjs directive.Its like a user selects a particular form template and that template is then inserted into the page. Being new to angularjs i have no idea how to achieve this. Any pointers to implement this would be appreciated.

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Read the AngularJS Directive Documentation - specifically, you'll be interested in the template and templateUrl parameters.

You can write out your template as a string, like template: '<div>foo</div>', or pass in the path to the file containing your html, like templateUrl: 'partials/mytemplate.html'.

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Ok thnks for dat.But can u show me some example code to insert some html into a view on click of a button by writing a directive. – agasthyan Feb 24 '13 at 21:18

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