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How can I set up my snapshot releases so that the buildNumber is replaced with the Git commit SHA? This has to work for Sonatype OSS snapshots.

And, if possible, how can I force the deployment to fail if there are uncommitted changes in my repository?

I started thinking about this when wrestling with Sonatype buildNumber and timestamp out of sync

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You can configure the buildnumber-maven-plugin to pick up the SHA-1 from the Git that is configured by the tag. Configure the doCheck parameter to fail a build if any file has been updated (default is false).

For details, read the blog post that I wrote some time ago.

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thanks. I had already found your blog post, but I don't believe it is doing what I'm asking – I'm looking to put the buildNumber in the Maven metadata.xml and the filename of the deployed jars, not some internally referenced manifest. Note that the ${buildNumber} variable in pom.xml doesn't seem to imply anything on the timestamp/buildNumber in the eventual Sonatype deployment. – fommil Feb 25 '13 at 12:11
also, doCheck is a bit harsh – I'd only want that for deploy, not compile. – fommil Feb 26 '13 at 21:06

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