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I am not clear about the exact procedure for disabling debug build while building with android-maven-plugin:

I understand that the export wizard with ADT(21.1) will automatically disable debugging but it is broken as BuildConfig.DEBUG always returns true and my logging used to depend on it. (Now I have my own property for logging defined in my maven build profiles.)

So if I have to disable debugging using android-maven-plugin, what is the the right way to do it?

I use the following plugins:

  1. maven-compiler-plugin
  2. maven-jarsigner-plugin
  3. proguard-maven-plugin
  4. android-maven-plugin with zipalign goal and configuration.

I am not sure whether signing and zipaligning automatically disables debugging because I see the following line in the maven output:

[INFO] --- android-maven-plugin:3.5.0:apk (default-apk) @ stackx ---
[INFO] Copying local assets files to combined assets directory.
[INFO] Enabling debug build for apk.

Is there an explicit way to disable debugging?

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You may want to check this link antew.com/?p=150 –  outlying Feb 24 '13 at 20:41

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Check out changelog for Android Maven Plugin 3.5.0 - released 2012-12-18:


Since non-release builds are now debuggable by default you NEED TO ensure that the release parameter is set to true in your release build.

In the pom this would be e.g.


or you could activate on the command line with e.g

mvn clean deploy -Dandroid.release=true

or if you use the release plugin just add the above pom config to the release profile.

Source Code:


Related Pull Request:

Off Topic:

For logging management, A more elegant and strategic way is to use Proguard remove all log call at project release phase, see answer here for more details.

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this worked, thanks. regarding log management using proguard, I have tried it but I an messing it up somewhere as I still see log statements –  Prasanna Feb 24 '13 at 23:54
I've added <release>true</release> to my profile just as you specified above but release builds still seem be setting debug? The second method of using -Dandroid.release=true seems to work, but any ideas why it's not working in the pom? Also tried setting it as shown in antew.com/?p=150 but no luck. –  brk3 Mar 6 '13 at 14:01
Hard to tell without seeing your pom.xml, if you follow the sample project and set <release>true</release> in release profile, to active it, run mvn clean install -Prelease, or if you use maven-release-plugin, run mvn release:prepare. –  yorkw Mar 6 '13 at 20:08
it works for me, thanks. I can clearly see while building: Enabling release build for apk. –  MartinC May 5 at 12:44

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