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I have a book class that holds a couple of books, with book author, publishing year and name of book. now I want to print out the books using a loop but im not sure what loop i should use. here is my code for the book class:

class Book
    public string forfattareEfternamn;
    public string forfattareFornamn;
    public string bokensTittle;
    public int lanseringsDatum;

    public string BokensTittle
        get { return bokensTittle; }
        set { bokensTittle = value; }
    public string ForfattareFornamn
        get {return forfattareFornamn;}
        set {forfattareFornamn = value;}

    public string ForfattareEfternamn
        get {return forfattareEfternamn;}
        set {forfattareEfternamn = value;;}

    public int LanseringsDatum
        get { return lanseringsDatum; }
        set { lanseringsDatum = value; }

    public override string ToString()
        return string.Format("{0}, {1}, {2}, {3} ", forfattareEfternamn, ForfattareFornamn, bokensTittle, lanseringsDatum);


and here is the code in the Main, where i have created my list of books:

class Program
    static void Main(string[] args)
        List<Book> books = new List<Book>();
        books.Add(new Book { forfattareFornamn = "Dumas", forfattareEfternamn = "Alexandre", bokensTittle = "The Count Of Monte Cristo", lanseringsDatum = 1844 });
        books.Add(new Book { forfattareFornamn = "Clark", forfattareEfternamn = "Arthur C", bokensTittle = "Rendezvous with Rama", lanseringsDatum = 1972 });
        books.Add(new Book { forfattareFornamn = "Dumas", forfattareEfternamn = "Alexandre", bokensTittle = "The Three Musketeers", lanseringsDatum = 1844 });
        books.Add(new Book { forfattareFornamn = "Defoe", forfattareEfternamn = "Daniel", bokensTittle = "Robinson Cruise", lanseringsDatum = 1719 });
        books.Add(new Book { forfattareFornamn = "Clark", forfattareEfternamn = "Arthur C", bokensTittle = "2001: A space Odyssey", lanseringsDatum = 1968 });


So, I want to use a loop that prints the books in the list on the console screen using the ToString() method (without calling ToString() explicitly)

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foreach(Book b in books)

The ToString gets called automatically by WriteLine (ah, polymorphism...)

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I wasnt sure if I should use the for loop or foreach, but this was perfect, thx! – user2057693 Feb 24 '13 at 20:37
@user2057693 both are ok actually, but this is shorter and easier to read ;) – BlackBear Feb 24 '13 at 20:45

Use a foreach loop to loop through how many occurances of books there are in the collection. Then print them to the console.

foreach (Book book in books)
    Console.WriteLine(book.ToString()); // ToString gets called automatically so you can skip that if you want. I think it makes it a little clearer when reading it again.

Hope it helps.

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If you include a reference to System.Linq in your project, you can use:

books.ForEach(b => Console.WriteLine(b))

You can even shorten this to:

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You don't need System.Linq for this. It's a method of List<T> ( – Austin Salonen Feb 25 '13 at 15:29

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