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Suppose I have 3 tables property_details, property_feature_details, property_feature_relations.

PropertyDetail Model has the hasMany relation with PropertyFeatureRelation.

AT the time saveing my data array looks like that:

$this->data = array('PropertyDetail' => array('name'=>'xyz'),'PropertyFeatureRelation' => array('0' => array('feature_id'=>1),'1' => array('feature_id'=>5),'2' => array('feature_id'=>0),'3' => array('feature_id'=>0)));

Those feature_ids values are coming out from the checkboxes. Those are checked they are contains ids value and non checked are having 0 value. But in the child table saves all the data zero and non zeros.

Actually I want to save those checkboxes values which are only checked. Please do not provide any manual controller logic. Help me.

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I am explaining you with my example which is having question ,answer and its survey

you can use multiple checkbox syntax as below:

                                    for($j=0;$j < count($tmp_ans);$j++)
                                    echo '<li>';
                                        echo $this->Form->input('Answer', array(
                                        'type' => 'select',
                                        'multiple' => 'checkbox',
                                        'options' =>$answers ,

                                    echo '</li>';

after that you will have only those answers which you have checked others will not come in array of post so to save data you can use below syntax


                foreach ($this->data['Answer'] as $key=>$val):


                                foreach ($val as $ans):



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