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Excuse me for my english but I'm french. I post this question because I can't upload images using google app engine. I know to create a simple application with HTML, CSS and database but I read the documentation of google app engine and I searched in the website stackoverflow BUT I have failed to upload image in my application. I just want to display an simple image on a webpage.

Could someone give me an example of basic directory to upload an image with google app engine (with python and jinja2) with the details of all sheets :

->code in main.py (class, modules to import, etc...)

->code in the app.yaml

->code in the sheet.html

AND other question : It is necessary to store my image in a specific directory (for example images) ?

To recap, if a person use frequently google app engine, I will be very happy if he precise me the content of all sheets in my directory.

Thanks in advance for your help because I fails to develop my applications since more weeks because I can't upload images.

Thank you, Gringo75

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Is the code you currently have, failing? What do you have that isn't working? –  GordonsBeard Mar 1 '13 at 19:05

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