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I have a question about the dgrid-master/editor_more_widgets.html test file on this path:


maybe you should download the whole package to see the file. anyway, is there a way to fix the "Select Store" culomn so it would show the label not the value, like the "FilteringSelect Store" culomn does?

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you should make the title of your question more informative, and add more tags to your post, such as javascript, dojo and dgrid –  Ali Gangji Apr 14 '13 at 21:12

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I created a custom plugin for this purpose. The key part is the renderCell function:

], function(dojo, sb, put, editor, Select){
    dojo.global.starbug.grid.columns = dojo.global.starbug.grid.columns || {};
    dojo.global.starbug.grid.columns.select = function(column){

        //populate the cell with the label or value
        column.renderCell = function(object, value, cell, options, header){
            items = column.editorInstance.getOptions();
            for (var i in items) {
                if (value == items[i].value) value = items[i].label;
            put(cell, 'span.'+value.replace(/ /g, '-').toLowerCase(), value);

        column.editorArgs = {
            store:sb.get(column.from, 'select')

        column = editor(column, Select, "dblclick");

        return column;

Note that sb is a custom module I used to provide the store. You can modify it accordingly.

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