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Update: I forgot to mention that echo $matstring outputs '65.70', 'Coles','34 days','14' - which would appear to be the right syntax?

I'm a php/mysql newbie, and I think this is fairly basic, but having read all of the other stackoverflow questions on this topic and fiddling with different versions of my code for several hours I can't understand what I'm doing wrong. Would very much appreciate any help/suggestions. Aim: pass data from my php array ($matrix) into a mysql table

( [0] => 65.70 [1] => Coles [2] => 34 days [3] => 14 )

( [0] => 62.70 [1] => Coles [2] => 13 days [3] => 14 )

( [0] => 12.70 [1] => Safeway [2] => 43 days [3] => 14 )


mysql_query('INSERT INTO Australia (Price, Company, Days, Weight) VALUES ('$matstring')');
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you can use serialize($data) before inserting and deserialize when pulling the data. or use json_encode and json_decode.. either way really. –  skrilled Feb 24 '13 at 20:54
That isn't the answer. Try changing mysql_query to echo, then checking the syntax. Most likely the extra ' around $matstring are meaning you are having '' around the values. –  Rich Bradshaw Feb 24 '13 at 20:56
oh nevermind i just read the title and assumed it was exactly what i was to expect.. and also using native queries seems a bad idea vs using PDO and easily making it something like $dbh->prepare("INSERT INTO Australia (Price, Company, Days, Weight) VALUES (?, ?, ?, ?)"); $stmt->execute($matrix[1]); –  skrilled Feb 24 '13 at 20:59

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when i run this code :

$matrix = array();
$matrix[1] = array( 0 => 65.70, 1 => 'Coles', 2 => '34 days', 3 => 14 );
print "INSERT INTO Australia (`Price`, `Company`, `Days`, `Weight`) VALUES ($matstring)";

become result:

INSERT INTO Australia (`Price`, `Company`, `Days`, `Weight`) VALUES ('65.7','Coles','34 days','14')
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Corrected code:


mysql_query("INSERT INTO Australia (Price, Company, Days, Weight) VALUES ('$matstring')");

(i.e. delete the second line from original code and put double quotes around the argument of mysql_query)

Appreciate user1847757's help - as s/he pointed out, $matstring itself was correct, but the single quotes inside of VALUES(' ') were being joined to the single quotes added to $matstring in the 2nd line of my original code, resulting in VALUES(''65.70','Coles','34 days','14'')

Thanks all for your help & suggestions

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you're building the query wrong. it'll look like this:

INSERT INTO ... VALUES (''65.70,Coles,34 days,14'');

note how all 4 values are inside a SINGLE string.. but the string's also wrong ('').

you need to quote each individual value of the array:

('65.70', 'Coles', '34 days', '14')

THEN you implode it, giving you

INSERT INTO ... VALUES ('65.70', 'Coles', etc...)
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I'm still a bit confused. When I echo $matstring with the code I posted, it outputs '65.70', 'Coles','34 days','14'. So isn't that exactly the syntax I require? Why can't I pass it into VALUES('$matstring')? –  user2037290 Feb 24 '13 at 21:08
Your $matstring is correct; however, when you use VALUES ('$matstring') in your SQL string, you are adding additional quotations around it, creating VALUES(''65.70','Coles','34 days',14'') –  user18477575 Feb 25 '13 at 0:42
mysql_query("INSERT INTO Australia (`Price`, `Company`, `Days`, `Weight`) VALUES ($matstring)");
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I tried this correction but it still didn't work (script breaks) –  user2037290 Feb 24 '13 at 21:09
edited, try.... –  Eugen Feb 24 '13 at 21:17
and post error... –  Eugen Feb 24 '13 at 21:26

I faced similiar problem today and solved it like this: in my case $bank_info is an array that holds the data to insert as a new row...

$sql = "INSERT INTO user_bank_info (user_id,
        VALUES  ('$id_user',
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Use serialize function for adding array data into table. Ex-

$array["a"] = "Foo";
$array["b"] = "Bar";
$array["c"] = "Baz";
$array["d"] = "Wom";
$str = serialize($array);

add $str into table.When we get data then use unserialize function.Ex- $arr = unserialize(urldecode($strenc));

Note: For URL, use urldecode function.

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