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I'd like to display an AutoCAD file (more importantly DWG) on a WPF application... I'd like some pointers on how this can be best done. I've looked around quite a bit, and there are a number of pay-to-use libraries out there (CadLib, EyeShot, RealDWG, CAD Soft Tools, Open Cascade) that help parse and convert the files to the desired image formats, but I'd like a cheaper, quicker alternative.

Another question asks pretty much the same thing (but within a web browser), and one of the answers suggest downloading DWG TrueView. So I've downloaded it, referenced the COM component, but I don't know how to plug the AcCtrl into the XAML... I'm able to write the following code:

IAcCtrl ac = new ACCTRLLib.AcCtrl();

...but hey, that's about as far as my powers go.

Do appreciate help from experienced people here who've tried it, or even suggestions from people who might've not! Anything goes. I don't mind leveraging on COM Interop, so long as it gets the job done, and performance does not slip (I tried using one of the third-party libraries--trial version, and it did take a while to parse and render).

Thank you all very much!

EDIT: Due to the constraints of it being a PixelSense application I am ditching the idea of using the AcCtrl.. I will still need to display the CAD files in a performant yet aesthetically reasonable manner though. Does anybody know any reliable CAD namespaces/methods I can leverage on to do this?

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That's an ActiveX control, WPF doesn't support them directly. But interop with Winforms is possible through the System.Windows.Forms.Integration namespace, you'll want to use the WindowsFormsHost class in this case. A good blog post that shows the step by step instructions is here.

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Very, very useful! I had no idea.. however, unfortunately when assigning host.Child = ac as System.Windows.Forms.Control, ac is null, and this results in the AcCtrl not actually showing up.. Does that mean I am unable to use the AcCtrl? – matt Feb 24 '13 at 21:31
You'll have to generate the AxHost wrapper first. Run AxImp.exe from the Visual Studio Command Prompt. Contact the vendor or owner of the control for support if you still have trouble. Do note that this is the kind of value you get for spending money. – Hans Passant Feb 24 '13 at 21:40
Ah, but I am developing a PixelSense application, and it seems like the WindowsFormsHost is unable to rotate.. damn and I thought I had it all thought through. Now I have to wait for another guy to offer me an entire workaround.. If I were developing a plain old WPF app with no extra requirements, I guess your answer would've totally hit the spot.. – matt Feb 24 '13 at 22:09
Hmm, that isn't exactly a WindowsFormsHost problem. ActiveX controls cannot be rotated. I seriously doubt you'll find any library that supports AutoCAD drawing viewing capable of that. Generating a bitmap of the view and rotating that is of course an option. – Hans Passant Feb 24 '13 at 22:35
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If you're looking for something quick, snappy, yet of reasonable quality, you can give devDept Eyeshot a try. They have CAD components that allow user input (touch-enabled, even!) so it makes managing AutoCAD files a piece of cake. You can even export your files after editing.

Eyeshot unfortunately is a commercial product however, but the last time I used it they had a 30-day trial. It's not a silver bullet, I admit; in comparison to AutoCAD it has far inferior editing capabilities, but I'd say it's worth giving it a try if you need a less memory-intensive yet performant AutoCAD editing control.

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Looks alright, seems to be based on Teigha from the Open Design Alliance (looking at file names at devdept.zendesk.com/entries/38095967). Teigha is more expensive. See opendesign.com/Commercial – CAD bloke Jan 8 '15 at 12:50

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