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I have recently integrated all my session checks into the global.asax which works fine but since i've put it in there when my pages call my filehandler.ashx to get images I keep getting null reference errors for the session (but only when it calls that).

If I put a try/catch round it the images will load but obviously this isn't a good solution.

 void Application_PostAcquireRequestState(object sender, EventArgs e)
            HttpContext context = HttpContext.Current;
            if (context.Session["tid"] == null)  //Null Reference here

Ideally, I'm looking for the event that fires on postback or first load that doesn't screw with the filehandler. I guess if I can't I can always put it in the master_page init like before (is this bad practice?) because that seemed to work fine. I just thought the global.asax would be a neater solution.

Any thoughts on what to try next?

Events i've tried so far..




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ASHX requires session state to be inherited explicitly:

public class SomeCustomService : IHttpHandler, IRequiresSessionState
    // stuff
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Wow, just seen this, I will test it tonight and give an update.. was still looking to a solution for this thanks. –  Peter Lea Mar 25 '13 at 9:35
Checking back, After a bit more research I actually went with implementing IReadOnlySessionState but this worked too, definately got me on the right track and everything working nicely in global.asax. Thanks alot :) –  Peter Lea Mar 25 '13 at 23:12

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