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I have a web form that will upload a user-selected file. I need to get the icon file that is registered on the user's system for this file to upload it along with the uploaded file. How can I access a local file and extract its associated icon in the browser with JavaScript?

If this can be done, and you know how, thanks in advance.

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You can't access local files of the user with JS. This is prevented by the security sandbox model of all browsers explained here and

But there is a way on Mozilla based browser, set”UniversalFileRead”) in about:config, see details here:

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Actually, you CAN get file data via the W3C FileList API which is based on Firefox's FileList API. – Eli Grey Oct 1 '09 at 21:57

In Firefox you can use the moz-icon://filename[?size] URI scheme.

For example: moz-icon://someDocument.pdf?size=32 will display a 32x32 pixel image for whatever image is registered on the user's system for the filename extension.

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