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I use window.webkitStorageInfo.requestQuota() to get disk quota. Everything works as it should but I can't revoke already granted quota for debug purposes. Seems there is no API for that. And more over I can't find how it can be done through Chrome interface. I've found this link: chrome://quota-internals/ but it just provides a read only info. I am developing chrome extension and even uninstalling/installing of it doesn't help. Who knows how to reset local disk storage settings for the site (or extension) or even the storage as a whole?

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This is a bug crbug.com/121463

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Yes! It looks that File API is not mature enough. –  Konstantin Smolyanin Feb 25 '13 at 16:49
  1. Go to: chrome://settings/content
  2. Under cookies click: All Cookies and Site Data
  3. Filter down to the host you want to revoke access for
  4. Click through the permissions (filesystem, database, cookie, etc.) you want to remove.

rm permissions

There is also this: https://developers.google.com/chrome/whitepapers/storage#reset

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Thank you for pointing this new (?) feature of Chrome interface but I still can't find how to reset quotas for Chrome Extensions (not sites). –  Konstantin Smolyanin Jan 11 at 19:56

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