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I am building a web-platform where visitors can ask questions to professionals which are divided into several different categories.

I have the following tables : - 'questions' (containing the question, the visitor's email address and the category) - 'professionals' (containing the infos, the professional's email and the category) - 'responses' (containing the response, the question's ID and the professional's ID)

Ok, here is what I want to do : - When the 'questions' table is updated, I want the platform to send an email to the professionals in the chosen category.


  • when the professional answers the question, I want to send an email to the visitor.

I already get an admin email when the database is updated so I know this can be done.

B.T.W., I am novice so lots of details please !

Thanks for your help !


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How do you update questions and responses tables? Just get the email addresses during that and send the emails. – Eggplant Feb 24 '13 at 22:21
other than saying "add the code to send the email on update" i'm not sure how it could be answered – Dagon Feb 24 '13 at 22:25

If you have a lot of professionals in the professionals table, it would be advisable to use a sort of PHP mail queueing system. Otherwise, the script may be running a long time, and never complete within the execution time frame. It's better to do it in the background (such as with a cron job that gets executed every 10 minutes or so).

Let's assume for a moment there's only two professionals.

When you update the database to insert a new question, pull a list of professionals from the category. You need to put the category of the question into a variable (like $category)

$results = mysql_query("SELECT email FROM professionals WHERE category=$category");

Now you have a result set containing the e-mails of all the professionals relevant to that category. Put all of them neatly into an array.

 $emails = array();
 while($row = mysql_fetch_assoc($results)){
                 $emails[] = $row['email'];

We have an array of the professionals' e-mails, now we need to e-mail them:

foreach($emails as $email){
        mail($email,"A new question in your category!","Text goes here");

More information:

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WoW ! This is very nice ! Thanks PseudoOne ! I guess I can reverse the process for the 'responses' table updates. I will have over 100 professionals. Better with a cron job, I guess ! Your help is very much appreciated ! :) Take care ! Ian – user2105475 Feb 25 '13 at 1:23

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