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I am new to the Google Maps SDK for iOS. When a user clicks on a marker, instead of showing the default info window with a title and snippet, I would like to direct them somewhere else in my app (such as a modal view controller). I have searched through the header files and online and I can't seem to find anything relating to touch events on markers. Does anyone have suggestions or workarounds?

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I believe what you want is to add the delegate and override the didTapMarker method

 * Called after a marker has been tapped.
 * @param mapView The map view that was pressed.
 * @param marker The marker that was pressed.
 * @return YES if this delegate handled the tap event, which prevents the map
 *         from performing its default selection behavior, and NO if the map
 *         should continue with its default selection behavior.
- (BOOL)mapView:(GMSMapView *)mapView didTapMarker:(id<GMSMarker>)marker;
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