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Just starting with Laravel.

I've installed it on my wamp server and setup a virtual host in apache. The standard home controller works fine. I've installed the scaffold bundle and generated a blog according to the description at the bundle's github page. There was no errors.

I've added Route::controller(Controller::detect()); to my routes.php but none seem to be working. I've tried and The scaffold created 3 controllers, users.php, blog/posts.php and blog/comments.php. is a virtual host pointing with D:\wamp\www\laravel\public as DocumentRoot.

What are the possible issues? Where do I start looking?

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Dont use Route::controller(Controller::detect()) - its known to be buggy and causes alot of issue.

Just define each controller individually in the routes.

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I suspect you might have to include "index.php" ( in your URLs for it to work. This is a default option set in Laravel.

If you would like to turn this off for cleaner URLs, set "index" to an empty string in config/application.php.

You can read more about this in the documentation:

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