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I would like to add content to my canvas without clearing and redrawing the content I've previously drawn. Is that possible? Right now I re-draw all the content every time drawRect: gets called and it time, that makes things sluggish.

EDIT: clearsContextBeforeDrawing doesn't seem to work.

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OpenGL is very flexible. I don't know what drawRect: method is even though you don't have to call this method every time. Maybe NStimer or CADisplayLink call the drawRect method and also call GLClear () in drawRect. So you can change this in any form.

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Probably neither of them call drawRect but I think it's synchronised with CADisplayLink. In any case, it seems I have only my lack of experience to blame, since it seems I was the one calling glClear earlier in some obscure place. –  Meda Feb 25 '13 at 15:22

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